Directing / Cinematography / Writing / Script Consulting / Editing

With experience in every aspect of filmmaking and over 30 films made, we can help bring your vision to life.  We pride ourselves on being able to make low budget films feel like they are much more. Through a deep understanding of directing, writing, cinematography, and editing your vision will be brought to life for everyone to see. 

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How important is resolution?

Whatever resolution you choose to shoot your film at understand that neither resolution nor camera type on their own will make a good film.  

A knowledgeable Cinematographer is more valuable than any camera on the market. 


It can make or break your film. 

Star Wars a New Hope was saved in the editing room.

Here's the link   It's worth the time to watch it. 

Be prepared so you have time to experiment.

At Team Dharma one of the main areas of focus is visualizing/storyboarding/ and doing walk thoroughs..  Understanding what coverage/angles you need to get in order to effectively tell the story is imperative.  Proper planning will allow us to get more coverage and when you have more coverage it ALWAYS pays off in the editing room. 

Script Consulting

Architectural Analysis

With over 35 films written, we have the experience to help your script reach its full potential. 

Team Dharma can provide an unbiased architectural analysis of your script. 

We will give you honest feedback and provide suggestions for every aspect of your script.